Victorinox relaunches the Wenger brand


Swiss values at a reasonable price

With the relaunch of the Wenger brand at Baselworld 2016 and the development of a watchmaking centre of excellence in Delémont, Victorinox is underlining its long-term commitment to investing in Wenger's international presence and in its tradition-steeped location in the canton of Jura. Wenger will concentrate on producing reliable, functional and well-designed products in the watches and travel gear categories. Positioned at a lower price point but based on the same Swiss values, they will provide an ideal extension to the Victorinox brand range.

Wenger – a name that is strongly associated with traditional Swiss values as well as a passion for quality, precision and outstanding Swiss craftsmanship. Founded as a knife factory in Courtételle near Delémont in 1893, Wenger is, along with Victorinox, the sole supplier of the world-famous “Swiss Army Knife”. In 1997 its renowned product range was expanded to include watches and later travel gear.
Since the takeover by Victorinox in 2005 the brand has retained its own distinct identity and continued to develop its product lines. Because of increased market requirements and stiff international competition, Victorinox integrated Wenger knives into its own range in 2013 so that Wenger could concentrate on the global development of its two most successful segments – watches and travel gear.

Long-term commitment to boosting the watch segment and investing in the Delémont site
Victorinox underlined its wish to strengthen the watch segment of both the Victorinox and Wenger brands and to invest on a long-term basis in the tradition-steeped site in the canton of Jura when it began to set up a new watchmaking centre of excellence at Wenger's headquarters in Delémont in 2015.
Victorinox also relaunched and clearly repositioned the Wenger brand in order to establish the brand even better in the global market. The current collections include reliable, functional and well-designed timepieces and luggage that captures the spirit of the times. They are designed for people who travel a lot and who therefore want to count on a Swiss brand at a reasonable price. "The Wenger range is positioned at a lower price point than Victorinox, but it represents the same values. Both ranges therefore complement each other perfectly and thereby create the conditions for the international success of the two brands from Victorinox," Carl Elsener, CEO of Victorinox, said of the major repositioning.

Confident brand identity inspired by Swiss design principles
The relaunch also includes a thorough rebranding that is a perfect expression of Wenger's new brand values: agile, up-to-date and at home in the world's cities – but always with its traditional Swiss roots in mind. Inspired by Swiss design principles, the Wenger brands now stand out for being completely straightforward, with a confident typography and colour scheme as well as contemporary visuals. They are still accompanied by the striking logo and the claim "A Swiss Company since 1893", which emphasises the tradition and origins of the brand.